Automated clearing house, or ACH, payments are what banks use to seamlessly transfer money. By using ACH, banks eliminate the need of other payment methods, such as credit card processing or a wire transfer. Accepting ACH payments not only gives you customers more options, but also comes with several benefits.


Lower Transaction Fees

You have a different rate schedule for ACH payments compared to credit cards. While the change may seem small on an individual transaction basis, it adds up when you have high volume.


More Convenience

ACH payments eliminate a lot of unnecessary manual steps when someone is trying to transfer money to another account. Everything is handled electronically, so you don’t need to devote a lot of labour to collecting payments. Your customers will appreciate not needing to bring a paper cheque in as well.


Set and Forget

Do you need to bill someone on a schedule? ACH payments provide a set and forget configuration that takes all of the hassle out of receiving payment. Since neither one of you need to remember this each month, you also improve the chances of getting paid on time.


More Likely to Get Paid Faster

Once the transaction is authorized, the funds automatically get transferred directly between two banks. When accepting ACH payments, you’ll notice the overall time it takes for money to land in your account is much quicker.


More Secure

Data breaches are sadly commonplace, with hackers actively trying to find new ways to capture sensitive data and sell it for nefarious purposes. You may try your best to keep everything safe, but you don’t have the resources that a financial institution does. Since the data is transferred directly between banks with ACH, there are fewer vulnerability points where a criminal could attack.



Since the transaction is electronic, you eliminate paper checks, invoices, and other documents. This eco-friendly move is great for your business, especially when it comes to incorporating green practices into the workplace.


By accepting ACH payments both you and your customers can share in the joint benefits. When you have the option to get paid faster, more securely and with lower processing fees, there’s no reason not to add it.