Accepting credit cards for your business improves many aspects of your operation. You streamline the payment process for your customers and deliver an experience that they expect. The amount of work that it takes on your end to process payments also goes down significantly, freeing up your resources for other tasks. Here’s how to get started with credit card processing.


Set Up a Merchant Account

A merchant account gives you the ability to accept credit card and debit card payments. You establish this account with a merchant processor, whose role is to underwrite the payments that you send their way. It’s this account where your payments will land first, before they’re transferred to your account of choice.


Understand Credit Card Processing Fees

Several fees are associated with processing credit cards. The fee structure varies based on the type of transaction, the card type and the base processing rates set by the company. Typically, you have a rate that’s a set percentage of the transaction. Sometimes the payment processor also charges you a flat rate alongside this percentage.


Types of Transactions

The two most common transactions are one-off and recurring. A one-off transaction is a single payment, such as one that you would make for a product. A recurring payment is set up so that the card is charged at a set interval. For example, a bill that has the same monthly due date. These can take the form of memberships if you’re a gym, or scheduled payments if you offer child care services.


Get the Tools

Once you’re all set up with the merchant account, it’s time to get the tools you need to offer this service. API integration seamlessly connects the payment portal with your website. Transparent redirection allows customers to see that they’re going to a payment processing page, and that this is the expected behavior so they don’t have to worry about security.
Hosted payment pages are handled by the payment processing service, protected by the latest security measures to decrease the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. Electronic direct debit requests make online payment a simple process for the customers and employees.


Credit card processing is a must-have for nearly every business. Your customers expect it and you limit your market without it. It’s time to take the first steps to getting this type of business payment solution added to your website. So, if you’re looking for a payment processor that can make your life easier, be sure to get in touch with IntegraPay today.