Flexible payment solutions, advanced data security, and a global service to support your industry’s needs.

Supporting all types of industries, IntegraPay is a true global business payment solution. As specialists in recurring payments by both card and bank debit, there are many industries that love the IntegraPay payment solution.

Whether it be for one-off payments, or recurring payments for subscriptions and regular fees, IntegraPay’s solutions provide efficiency and cash flow solutions to your business.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether through the convenient IntegraPay add-on for Xero, our integrated solution or our own Payment Console, accountants and bookkeepers love using IntegraPay.

Childcare Services

IntegraPay works closely with the Childcare Services Industry to create seamless payment options to help parents and carers pay more easily and reduce administration time chasing payments and reconciling accounts.

Education Services and Schools

Supporting schools and education services to provide an easy to use payment system that improves efficiency and reduces administration burden is a core feature of the IntegraPay offering.

Fitness and Leisure

IntegraPay originated to serve the Fitness and Leisure industry and continues to improve its offering to ensure that memberships, recurring payments and reconciliations are simple for schools, clubs and single-person businesses to maintain.

Membership Clubs

Whether large facilities or niche offerings, IntegraPay’s recurring and one-off payment engine is perfect to support membership organizations and clubs, assisting with easier cash flow and reducing the amount of time administering payments.

Medical Services and Health Practitioners

For doctors, physicians, health practitioners and anyone in the medical services industry, IntegraPay’s recurring billing offering reduces administration time and improves the experience for patients.


Whether you have a residential or commercial contracting business, accepting payments, setting up payment plans and reconciling accounts becomes easy with the IntegraPay solution.

Protective and Security

Recurring payment headaches become a thing of the past with the easy-to-use, seamless and automated payment solution for protective and security services companies.

Computers and IT

The software, computer and IT industry is fully supported by our one-off and recurring payment solution whether you are an equipment retailer or a SaaS company.


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Every business has different needs, and every industry sector has its own unique characteristics. We provide payment solutions for businesses and organisations of all sizes, across a wide range of industries.

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Thousands of businesses trust IntegraPay

IntegraPay’s comprehensive, powerful API allowed us to easily build sophisticated functionality into our app, with minimal effort and cost.  More importantly, their commitment to service was a perfect fit for our customer focused brand qualities.

Mike Ryan

Founder & CEO, PT Transact

“We recommend IntegraPay to any of our customers who invoice from Xero. We use it ourselves and it’s been absolutely wonderful. It is simple to setup and I can’t say it’s easy-to-use because you don’t really need to use it, it just works. Invoices you send get paid right away and invoices are reconciled automatically in Xero. Having the ability to ACH pull and a PCI-compliant way to receive customer credit cards was an added benefit!”

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IntegraPay works with a range of industries  to facilitate recurring, subscription & credit card payments.

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